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If you are interested in individual services you can select any services from the three different packages that I offer. These services will be tailored for your business need and you only pay for what you use.

If you reside outside the borders of South Africa, please use the current exchange rate calculator or contact me for a price list as I offer services to the International clientele market.

Tailored or Other Packages
These plans will be provided as, and when, the need arises.

Have a look at the four different pricing packages that you can choose from, that will fit your profile. 

wallet-2292428_640Basic Package
R1500.00 Per Month
or a minimum of 3 Hours @ R200 Per Hour
Gold Package
R2800.00 Per Month
or a minimum of 6 Hours @ R250.00 Per Hour
Premium Package
R4500.00 Per Month
or a minimum of 10 Hours @ R300.00 Per Hour

Tailored / Other Packages
Price available on request

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